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About IE Garden Friendly

Welcome to Water Saving Garden Friendly

Southern Californians use about two-thirds of their water outside the home. Reducing our outdoor water use is crucial if we hope to build a sustainable future for our region.

With its dynamic tools, interactive galleries and useful gardening practices, Water Saving Garden Friendly helps homeowners transform their yards into beautiful — and water-efficient — outdoor spaces. The site includes a host of educational programs and resources provided by participating water agencies dedicated to improving our region's water efficiency without compromising on the beauty or variety of our landscapes.

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Garden Templates

Looking for a big head start? Check out these templates to see what works for you and your yard.
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Conservation Gardens

Want to see how it’s done? Discover your local conservation garden for hands-on inspiration.
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Landscape Contest

Think your garden is a winner? Put it to the test.
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Outdoor Water Saving Tips

Making small changes outside can have a big impact on your water use. Learn more about maximizing your water efficiency here.
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